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Muldoon crept out to the Scout’s base and began pitching pebbles at her window from his hiding spot.

The strange weather had still been beating down upon teufort. High winds, rain and fog covered the land, every day seemed like a lost cause, but both teams were forced to put up with it. Nothing like running to and from the enemy base soaked with rain and utterly cold.

Thankfully the rain had long since left, the skies cloudy as a small veal of fog covered the land. The tapping to her was ignored at first, until she realized that it wasn’t hail at all. Book in hand she marched over to the window, opening the blinds and peering out. Noticing Muldoon she couldn’t help but lift a brow. The faintest hint of a smile formed as she went to work unlocking and prying open the window, her voice light. ” Hey.”

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