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Heinrich clenched his teeth as she wavered beneath him, frightened by the sway he subconsciously dug his fingers into the scout’s shoulders before giving a small laugh before lightening his grasp. “Ach, forgive me.” Tentacles  wound their way protectively about her arms, hopefully steadying them both with his weight. Red eyes lazily looked about the hallway, he never did come up here too often. For good reason of course, but it was so bright, and odd scents filled the air. It was almost peaceful when people weren’t killing each other here. “Zhank you for doing zhis. You can nicht know ‘ow much I appreciate it.”

Silently she cringed as his sharpened nails dug into her shoulders beneath her shirt, eyes widening as she bit back a grunt. “Aye no prob. It didn’ hurt that much.” Shrugging the pain off she slowly but surely began her march up the stairs and down the winding hall that lead to yet another set of stairs…Dang, she really had forgotten just how big this place was!
His thanks had her smiling cheekily, teeth flashing a brief moment. ” Its no prob’ Heinrich, you’re my friend n’ I care about ya. Its what friends er’ for. Helpin each other. ” Of course, she probably wouldn’t go toting around any other member of her team. They had two legs, they could walk on their own, it was different when you had eight. Been there, done that. “So uh, how ya been? Stayin’ out of trouble?”


Anonymous asked:

"Oh y'know, the usual. Jumping off of cliffs, trying not to get shot. Telling my sisters that yes, I work in a totally normal neighborhood." He laughed slightly, taking off his hat and fiddling with it. "I'm not so great with the whole talking thing- know a hike though. And when was the last time you flew a kite? I-I mean, they're good for testing winds...n'stuff. Hook temperature gauges on them, see how warm it'll be flying up there." He quickly explained himself, rambling slightly.

His laughter was contagious, a light chuckle leaving her lips as she took a half step back, placing the mail and sealed comic on the stand beside the door. ” Hey it’s alright. Most people think that I’mm’a talker when I’m not. Too many assume that since I’m a scout I carry the same wind jammerin’ gene they do.” She snorted, glancing to the side. “Tends to surprise people when they find out the truth heh.”

—know a hike though. And when was the last time you flew a kite?

She blinked, eyes widening as childhood memories came flowing back. ” Oh man it’s been ages since I flew a kite! My brothers were always inta’ that kinda thing n’ mom always wanted me to keep an eye out on em when we went to the park. I like hikin’ too, venturin’ new places n’ climbin hills and gettin’ lost. Wantin’ ta pick up frogs or go fishin sept yer mom tells ya that’s not what girls do…” Her voice trailed off, sadness creeping onto her face before she frowned, a small huff escaping. ” Still took em’ by surprise when I joined the baseball league. Dun’ care how angry they got. Made me happy, ‘sall that matters.”


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"'Ello Miss! Doin' better now? Nice t'see you aren't all torn up." The sandy haired postman was bak at her door, his usual quirked grin on his face. He looked normal, no worse for wear, pulling a few items from his mailbag- mail, of course.

Nice t’see you aren’t all torn up.

With a chuckle she shook her head, right hand lifting to tunnel through her hair as the other came to rest on the door frame. ” Well I ain’t as banged up as I was last time, that’s for sure. How you been stranger?” Nose wrinkled, the fresh stitches upon her cheek causing her to cringe. Diverting her eyes from his face she settled her attention his hands as he rummaged through the mail bag, watching him withdraw several small envelopes and a larger ‘nilla one as well.

Good, my new comic came in.

Cheeky grin formed as she took the offered parcels. ” Y’know we gotta hang out sometime. It’ll do us both good. Have ‘a nice normal chat discussin’ things other than work. Y’know? Ya seem like the guy who likes doin’ them types ‘a things.”

Wait…was she flirting? Nah.

Just wasn’t every day she interacted with someone about her age.

Except for scout…But he never shuts up…

percivalmcleach asked:

His thumb claw traced over her cheek and split the skin. "You hurt Joanna. Now, it's personal." He shoved her face, hard, then turned to leave.

His figure was rather imposing, that was for sure. However the moment he lifted a hand she went stiff. A part of her expected him to grab her neck, to strangle her. The other expected the sharp snap of her neck as his fist connected. But when that ’ caress ’ turned into a slow and painful slash, pure hatred flashed in her eyes. Did she scream? No. She didn’t even whimper. Flesh split beneath clawed digit before calloused palm smacked into it with a hard shove.

The muscles in her legs tensed, keeping her from falling, however it didn’t keep her from stumbling ever so slightly. ” If you’re gonna go makin’ every lil ache n’ pain someone supposedly caused you ’ personal ‘, ya might as well start writin’ a god damn list. ” Watching Mc.Creep and his giant pet lizard leave, she wrinkled her nose, cringing in the process. Blood trickled in a steady stream, the skin around the wound burning.

Bet the bastard doesn’t even wash his hands.


Turning on a heel she was too the infirmary.

percivalmcleach asked:

"Oh really? You should remember. I know it was you. No one else would fire on a RED vehicle." He hissed softly, drawing himself to his full height to tower over her. "Of course, she was smaller and cuter then. Take a better look."

Her chin tilted downward just the slightest, peering up at him with a ’ you’ve got to be kidding me ’ look as he made an attempt to frighten her with his size. ” No one else would fire on a RED huh…” She leaned back on her heels, grabbing the hem of her shirt with a sharp tug, pulling the fabric taunt. “If ya haven’t forgotten pally, I am a RED.” Letting go she held her arms out to the side. “We’ve got ‘a whole slew a BLU’s fightin’ against us on a daily basis. Ya ever stop n’ take the time’a day to wonder if it wasn’t one of them? Coulda’ been one of those back stabbin’ spooks fer all you know. Believe me, ya’ probably pissed off a’ hell-of-a lot of people in yer time.”

Turning just the slightest she glanced over at the massive lizard once more. ” I ain’t never had anythin’ against yer pal, it’s always been ‘bout you.” She turned back, crossing her arms. ” Tha’ only reason you ever started breathin’ down my neck was cause of Muldoon. I ain’t done jack to you. “

percivalmcleach asked:

"She remembers you. And she's pissed." The lizard hissed angrily and slinked closer. "You shot her leg off. She remembers that really well."

Fingers twitched at her side, the scouts expression remaining stoic, emotionless. ” I didn’t shoot the leg off nothin. Tha’ hell you talkin’ bout Mc.Creep?” Lifting a hand she tucked a stand of hair behind her ear, using that split second to press the small button on her ear piece. ” I ‘been gone fightin’ robots for the past six ta’ eight months. So unless yer’ friend’s made ‘a metal, I think ya’ got the wrong gal.”

percivalmcleach asked:

"Oh good. Do you remember her?" He pointed at an eight and a half foot lizard skulking around behind the Scout.

A brow lofted, attention flicking from the mans face to his finger, and then she halfway turned, glancing out of the corner of her eye behind her toward the giant lizard that skulked about. Several seconds ticked by before she turned back to McLeach. ” Can’t say I do.”

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